• Data Security and Going Paperless Were Hot Topics at AOC 2018

    by User Not Found | Jun 05, 2018

    Softrak recently held its annual Adagio Opportunity Conference. Held in Vancouver earlier this month, the event brought together a large community consisting of Adagio Accounting clients, authorized consultants and software developers. The conference primarily provides training, but also covers informational topics that are of great interest to a finance & accounting office.

    One of the most popular sessions was on data security (session titled Security Blocking & Tackling) presented by Ward Blatch of K2E Canada. This session described the vulnerabilities and threats to your company’s private data, and the most effective tools and techniques to protect it. Some interesting statistics presented were as follows:

    • 76% of security breaches were financially motivated.
    • 17% of breaches were a result of employee error.
    • 4% of people will click on any given phishing campaign.
    • 58% of victims are categorized as small business.

    These stats all reinforce the need for employee education when it comes to securing your company’s sensitive data.

    Ward Blatch of K2E Canada also presented a session on Going Paperless. This session covered policy & procedure best practices for moving towards the paperless office, and the technology infrastructure needed for storing and managing documents electronically. One of Softrak’s newest products, Adagio DocStore, is a key element for the efficient and effective management of electronic accounting documents.

    Our guests at AOC 2018 enjoyed the information sessions, and the networking with peers and others in the Adagio community. And of course, we all enjoyed the food at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel. Thanks to all who attended and participated in this year’s event. Next year, AOC 2019 will be held at in Ottawa from May 28 – 30th, so mark the date on your calendars.