Adagio SalesCQ

Adagio SalesCQ combines the information in Receivables, OrderEntry, and Invoices with contact and quote management features such as callback dates, reasons and reports, individual or mailmerge emails, letters or faxes. Prospects can be turned into customers and quotes into orders with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Adagio SalesCQ is a great tool for anyone who deals with customers or prospects - Customer Service, Tech Support, Credit, or Sales.

Quotation management reports improve close rates and prevent business from "falling through the cracks". Stay on top of your quoting process and sales pipeline.

Adagio SalesCQ is a major upgrade to, and replaces, Adagio Contacts.


Adagio SalesCQ should be your first (and possibly only) contact manager. It's simple to understand and simple to use. If you don't need all the power and complexity of a full-blown CRM system (Client Relationship Management), why should you be saddled with its idiosyncrasies and in-depth training requirements? Adagio SalesCQ provides just the information that's needed, when it's needed.

Knowledge is Power:

Adagio SalesCQ brings together all the information about your customers and prospects in one easy to navigate system. Every staff member can easily learn how to use the information provided. There's nothing hidden in complex jargon or esoteric concepts.

Adagio SalesCQ allows you to scan your customer and prospect database for marketing and customer relations purposes, using numerous selection criteria.

The various Inquiry functions let you drill-down into OrderEntry and Invoices transaction information for each customer.


  • Track, select, and view customers and prospects. Add prospects or customers on the fly while creating a quote.
  • Create and manage quotes, sending them to Adagio OrderEntry when the quotation is accepted. Management reports remind you of quotes about to expire. Confidence levels and quote statuses assist in inventory planning. Analyze lost sales by reason. Keep quotation templates on file to speed data entry. Retrieve any order or invoice to generate a new quote for repeat business.
  • Enter quotes while orders are being finalized with your customer. Quotes do not commit inventory, and there is no risk of accidentally shipping an incorrect or partial order. Quotes contain complete, customer specific pricing, and include all tax calculations for pricing confirmation. They can also hold standing orders or templates for easy repetitive order creation.
  • Track quote revisions, and record notes and comments on a quote while the sales cycle is progressing. Purge expired quotes. Import quotations from other systems.
  • Create and use scan lists as task lists, phone lists or to mailmerge emails, letters or faxes.
  • Scan lists can be based on customer/prospect Notes, Callback Dates or Reasons, and/or other categories from Receivables, OrderEntry, or Invoices.
  • Define up to nine optional fields (text, numbers, or dates) for additional details and selections.


  • CQ-Orders
  • CQ-ScanCriteria