Adagio DocStore

Adagio DocStore enables the manual and automatic linking of PDF documents to Adagio accounting transactions and master files. Generated PDFs (Invoices, Credit Notes, Inventory Receipts) are automatically attached to their source transaction. Accounts Payables invoices can be attached or scanned during batch entry. All reports can be generated to PDF and automatically filed. Once a document is attached to a transaction in a batch, the document will automatically “flow” to transactions in other modules. For example, an Invoice processed in PurchaseOrders will be attached to the invoice in Payables. When that invoice is paid in Payables, a remittance advice and the invoice will be attached to the bank credit in Ledger. The controller, chief financial officer or auditor can click on a credit in the bank general ledger account and view the remittance advice for the check and all invoices paid by the check.


  • Attach PDF’s to transactions or master files (Customers, Vendors, Banks or General Ledger accounts)
  • Force all reports to PDF prior to printing
  • Automatically file and catalog all accounting reports and documents
  • Allow document access without requiring accounting system access
  • Quickly pays for itself in paper and filing expenses saved


Adagio DocStore provides a simple interface to scan, search and print reports and documents saved in the accounting department, whether or not generated by Adagio. Your documents and reports can be saved in a Folder relative to the company data, or on a separate drive. This allows PDFs to be relocated without breaking any links. A preview window is available to see the contents of any PDF selected. Linked documents can be imported directly into a batch in Payables or Ledger. Document Links can be selected in GridView and the attached document displayed.

Adagio DocStore adds Attach and View buttons to every 9.3x Adagio module’s master and transaction files. Transaction can be attached at any time – even after a transaction has been posted. PDFs can be attached by browsing to another Folder or using drag-and-drop from an Explorer window or email. TWAIN or ScanSnap scanners are also supported.