Professional Services

Professional Services firms that bill time and materials, such as management consulting, accounting, and I.T. services companies, rely on Adagio Accounting. Adagio Time & Billing tracks hours, resources, and rates for the people and resources associated with projects.

Client billing is accurate and on-time. PayDirt Payroll seamlessly integrates with Adagio to ensure the firms personnel are paid for their project work.

The task of tracking and billing for professional services can be daunting. Different staff members perform a suite of tasks, using different charge out rates, work codes, activity codes, and file numbers, all the while incurring expenses on behalf of clients. Fortunately, Adagio Time&Billing with Adagio Receivables simplifies and streamlines this task.

Adagio T&B maintains complete information on clients, staff members and files. Through simple drill-down, you can oversee who's doing what, for whom, for how long, at what cost, and for how much longer. T&B also makes it easy to track how your staff are performing. Billable and non-billable statistics, rates and overtime are tracked, and can be fed to Payroll systems.