EDI Translator for Adagio

EDI Translator for Adagio provides 100% automated integration with Adagio Inventory, Order Entry and Receivables, eliminating manual data import and export. It translates valid EDI X12 ASCII files into Adagio recognizable documents such as Sales Orders.


  • Supports the following EDI transactions:
    1. Inbound: 850 (Purchase Order), 940 (Shipping Order),  997 (Functional Acknowledgment), 864 (Message)
    2. Outbound: 856 (Advance Shipping Notice), 810 (Invoice), 855 (PO Acknowledgment), 812 (Credit/Debit Adjustment), 997 (Functional Acknowledgment)
  • Supports all basic EDI transaction sets
  • Imports sales orders and credit notes that have been created via manual entry by the Adagio user (for future submission via EDI 856, 810 or 812)
  • Imports Trading Partner store numbers as Customer Ship-To Codes
  • Uses Adagio optional fields to keep EDI related information (for centralized data storage)




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