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Adagio Cloud

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Get Free Invoicing for six months*


Why use Adagio in the Cloud? 

Ease of Use: Access your data from anywhere, at any time.

Save Money: Eliminate the high cost of servers, network software and other local area network infrastructure costs.

Cost Effective: Spread the cost over the length of the subscription, saving on up-front lump sum costs.

Easy Sharing: Multi-user access makes it easy to collaborate and share information with your team.

Recovery and Protection: Data is backed up daily and weekly. No need to continually back-up or use your own hard drive.

Security: Data is encrypted, ensuring that only authorized users can access the files.

Invoicing is free when you subscribe to Adagio Cloud Core

Adagio Products Includes:
Core General ledger, financial reporter, accounts payable and bank reconciliation
Invoicing Accounts receivable, invoices
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Customer Testimonials

“It’s very user friendly software. Their support system and their resellers are so many and they have such good training. They’re experienced and available when you need help. And that’s important to our agency.”
 Community Living Meaford. 

“What made us choose Adagio is the functionality for the price. We have unique reporting requirements being a social services agency and Adagio is able to accommodate these needs for us. The quality of the financial reporter is significant compared to what the previous accounting package was able to deliver us and the modules that we’re implementing allow us to do some very unique reporting.”
 Family Services of Greater Vancouver

This offer expires on March 30, 2019, so act now.

*Offer Details: Buy Adagio Cloud (Core) and get Invoicing FREE OR discounted price of Orders for the first 6 months.