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Adagio Cloud

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Get free Invoicing for six months*


Why use Adagio in the Cloud? 

Ease of Use: Access your data from anywhere, at any time.

Save Money: Eliminate the high cost of servers, network software and other local area network infrastructure costs.

Cost Effective: Spread the cost over the length of the subscription, saving on up-front lump sum costs.

Easy Sharing: Multi-user access makes it easy to collaborate and share information with your team.

Recovery and Protection: Data is backed up daily and weekly. No need to continually back-up or use your own hard drive.

Security: Data is encrypted, ensuring that only authorized users can access the files.

Invoicing is free when you subscribe to Adagio Cloud Core

Adagio Products Includes:
Core General ledger, financial reporter, accounts payable and bank reconciliation
Invoicing Accounts receivable, invoices

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This offer expires on March 30, 2019, so act now.

*Offer Details: Buy Adagio Cloud (Core) and get Invoicing FREE OR discounted price of Orders for the first 6 months.