PickitLink For Adagio

An intuitive and practical solution for mobile warehouse picking that just works smarter.

Want to use Adagio Order Entry to do mobile warehouse picking?
PickItLink™ is your answer.

Use PickItLink™ to:

  • eliminate the need for multiple copies of your paper picking slips
  • streamline your Order Entry picking and invoice processing
  • reduce the time spent invoicing sales orders
  • improve Inventory picking speed and accuracy, and
  • feed entered orders into browser-based screens on your mobile tablets, for selection and picking order details

Product features:

  • Shipping status updates: Wireless, real-time quantity updates on sales orders, shipped orders, backorders, and audit trails
  • Tablet compatibility: Display that’s compatible with both Android and Apple tablets
  • Touchscreen filters: Sort orders by
    • ship date
    • customer
    • destination
    • shipping methods
    • backorders
    • customer priority
    • pick sequence
    • item number
    • description
  • Digital pick slips: Print completed packing slip inserts for shipping
  • Product invoicing: Orders are updated with “Ready to Invoice” status, enabling auto-invoicing of blocks of orders.

Integrates well with:

  • Ship2Link™ for shipping and courier tracking number solutions

How does PickItLink™ work?

  1. Orders are entered as regular Adagio Order Entry
  2. Entered orders immediately show up on the PickItLink™ Orders screen.
  3. Orders can be sorted/filtered and browsed for details before being selected/assigned to a Picker. Assignment to a picker updates Adagio Pickslip Print status.
  4. Order details displayed on screen with the option to select the ordered quantity or key in the picked quantity. Picked items can be filtered from screen when picked.
  5. Generate a completed packing slip prior to Verification.
  6. Upon verification, release the order for shipping. Verified picked quantities are updated automatically to Adagio Order Entry Open orders. Orders are flagged as Ready to Invoice.
  7. Auto invoice groups of orders by filtering to include “Ready to Invoice” Orders in Order Entry.