Here’s Why Your Professional Service Business Needs Accounting Software

Do you or your firm track time and disbursements against clients or projects? Do you need progress billing and detailed reports to track WIP easily? Are you perhaps billing different consultants/project managers or other staff at different rates?..

Cloud Vs On-Premise Accounting. How to Choose?

Whether traditional or cloud-based, accounting solutions are vital to small and mid-sized businesses. From office rooms to the warehouse, desktop to cloud, accounting software empowers every organization's ability to perform expeditiously, while producing business insights beyond just debits and credits. . .

Reaching Beyond the Limitations of an Entry-Level Accounting Software

Every business uses different tools to execute various business processes, and at one point, the very tool that supported your process will hinder your ability to perform at your best. It might miss or have limitations. . .

Smart Accounting for The Next Gen Smart Companies

STS_BLOG_Smart accounting for smart companies
The accounting profession is in for a decisive turn with the advent of the next generation of accounting applications. Investors and analysts have the insight and ability to read financial statements and derive the outcome...

10 Features Your Accounting Software Should Have

BLOG_STS_10 Features Your Accounting Software should have
A growth-oriented business needs accounting software that can manage vast volumes of data, organizational complexity, and multiple users. If your organization wants to grow and evolve, you should consider the following features....

Revenue Recognition for Construction Accounting

Revenue Recognition for Construction Accounting
Revenue recognition and accurate job costing adds to the complexities of construction accounting since typically every project is unique, and the cash flow depends on the nature of the business and the contract....