5 New Brain Disorders for the Digital Age

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At Softrak’s recent Adagio Opportunity Conference, Ward Blatch of K2E Canada shared the 5 New Brain Disorders for the Digital Age with our audience. It was hilarious. I didn’t realize at the time that these are real disorders. The article 5 New Brain Disorders was first published in The Week on February 28, 2017, written by Tammy Kennon.

We “Shared the Knowledge” at AOC 2017

Softrak’s annual Adagio Opportunity Conference brought together a record number of Adagio community members to Toronto May 22-25, 2017. In keeping with AOC 2017’s theme “Share the Knowledge”, Softrak personnel from Customer Service, Marketing, QA, Documentation, R&D, Training and the executive suite helped our resellers and clients improve their Adagio skills over the course of the 4 day even
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“Automatically” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “Correctly”

For an owner of a small business, an entry-level accounting product like Quickbooks can minimize the hours needed for bookkeeping. The business owner can set up direct feeds from bank accounts and credit cards. The accounting program can “auto-magically” apply transactions to GL accounts, and can save hours and dollars.
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Fall Travel Season Wraps Up

November 4th marked the final travel leg for Softrak’s fall presentation season, with evening flights from Philadelphia to Toronto and onward home to Vancouver. Except for a wild cab ride in Montreal, all the travel was uneventful (as one always hopes!). During the last 12 weeks, we have done trade shows (CPA Canada The ONE Conference, IPBC Annual

The Changing Role of the Accountant

According to a United States Department of Labor study in 2014, jobs in accounting and bookkeeping are expected to decline 8% over the next 10 years (2014 – 2024), while general employment (all occupations) is expected in increase by 7% over this same period. Technology is stated as the primary factor that has caused a decrease in demand for accounting jobs.
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The Forecast Calls For Cloud

In a recent TV interview, I was asked whether “Cloud Computing” was just a passing fad or something that businesses should be planning for. I believe that a general move to Cloud-based computing is inevitable. In 2008, Nicholas Carr wrote a book called The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google in which he draws a convincing parallel between the rise of power generation in the time of Edison, to the growth of centrally delivered computing today.
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