Public Practice Accountancy

Accountants and Bookkeepers in public practice have clients in a variety of industries, and of various sizes. Managing the books for industries such as Not For Profit, wholesale distribution or construction typically involves a level of complexity that requires the use of more advanced software. In order to produce the financial reports needed, and support the requirements of auditors, Adagio is much more capable, compared to QuickBooks or Sage 50. Accounting systems for these organizations need to support double-entry accounting, advanced budgeting, fund accounting and financial reporting capabilities for multiple departments and multiple business entities. Trying to accommodate these complexities in Excel is just too onerous and fraught with risk. Softrak has created a cloud-based software package that addresses the needs for accountants and bookkeepers with clients that have more complex financials.

Adagio for Accountants

Adagio for Accountants is for accountants and bookkeepers in public practice. It provides them with Adagio Ledger & Financial Reporter and other applications that enable them to manage their clients’ books. For those clients that need reports with complexities not supported by the entry-level accounting products, such as departmental or multi-entity reporting, Adagio is both powerful and easy to use. In addition, data can be exported into Excel from wherever you are in Adagio with just a single mouse-click.

The accountant or bookkeeper uses Adagio Cloud to manage their clients’ accounts. They can manage as many different client accounts as they wish – there are no limitations. In addition to this, the clients may each login to view the financial reports prepared for them. Although the accountant can view all of their clients’ accounts, each client is only able to see their own data and reports.

Adagio for Accountants includes:

  • Adagio Ledger & Financial Reporter
  • Adagio Payables & EFT
  • Adagio BankRec
  • Adagio Cloud Manager & Console
  • Datacare
  • 1 Admin and 1 General User license

Price: $100 per month

  • Additional 5 for 5 Packs (5 companies + 5 Users) are $25 per month.
  • Activation fee is waived for PSR partners.

This product is for the exclusive use of accountants and bookkeepers that have joined Softrak’s Influencer Program. Eligible program members must be able to verify their status with a professional website. Having a professional designation is preferred.