1. Q: Why should I utilize Adagio Cloud?
  2. A: Does your local network infrastructure require upgrading? Do you wish convenient access to your accounting from remote locations, 24/7? There are several factors that can contribute to this question, contact us and we can better guide you.

  3. Q: Who are the datacenters that will securely host my data?
  4. A: Through our partner Hostway Services, Inc., we have datacenters in Canada and the US. The company is a leader in cloud hosting, where it services over hundreds of thousands of businesses. Founded in 1989, Hostway Services employs over 400 employees delivering reliable and secure cloud solutions to over 500,000 customers worldwide. We're here anytime should you wish further demystification of this secure solution.

  5. Q: What happens if I lose internet access?
  6. A: Not to worry, because our Adagio Cloud's Datacare utility allows our customers to backup their data to your local-network storage device. This way, if there was ever a protracted interruption to internet connectivity, the customer could have its local Adagio consultant install the required accounting applications to a server and quickly get the accounting department back in business. Again, as far as we know, Adagio is the only cloud accounting product that offers this capability.

  7. Q: Which is best for me, cloud vs. on-premise?
  8. A: Avoiding costly computer hardware-related upgrades and hassles; possessing the value-added support of IT professionals managing your secure company data; and having remote access, 24/7 are the advantages of Adagio Cloud. However, should you feel more comfortable in having your data stored on your network, then on-premise implementation is for you. If your internet access is unreliable, then on-premise may be preferable.

  9. Q: Can I move from Adagio on-premise to the cloud?
  10. A: Absolutely. Our team can assist you with this data migration process.

  11. Q: Will Adagio Cloud updates and upgrades interfere with my work schedule?
  12. A: No, which is the beauty of cloud-based applications. You determine your own schedule for installing software updates and upgrades. Your all-important financial audit will not be interrupted.