Adagio Integrated Ecommerce

Webtelligence is a fully integrated ecommerce solution for Adagio that offers two-way integration from the web to Adagio allowing you to implement a web store, customer portal, or mobile sales portal to better serve your customers and make you staff more productive.

With Webtelligence your most important information is secured and organized in Adagio. There is no need to re-key anything. Orders flow automatically to Adagio, items display automatically in your web store. The two behave as a single system with one source of data.


  • Automate your system to lower operating costs, eliminate duplicate data entry, and improve business processes.
  • Not being limited by cookie-cutter, pre-defined templates, you can create the shopping experience you want for your customers.
  • Expose your business to new customers beyond your bricks & mortar boundaries.
  • Deep integration to Adagio means your Adagio data for inventory, orders, customer history and more are available directly from your secure web store or portal.
  • An impressive array and functionality including marketing and promotions management, cross-selling, marketing campaigns, time and date specials, loyalty programs, and more too numerous to mention can be deployed on your site.
  • Online portals for your partners and customers provide access 24/7, from anywhere and from any device.
  • A flexible, affordable, contemporary solution to bring your business to the cloud.
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