ePack for Adagio

Dakota Software

ePack For Adagio is specifically designed to provide bar code scanning for orders that are picked, packed and shipped. Shipments are expedited with greater accuracy, thus reducing credits and returns. Adagio users will appreciate the common ‘look & feel’ and shared functionality. For example, data entry, reporting, import/export and inquiries for orders, items and customers are all similar to Adagio.


  • Packed items are validated using a wired or wireless bar code scanner.
  • Reduce costly shipping errors and order cycle times by scanning packed products. Once packed, orders can be automatically updated in OrderEntry.
  • Bar code label printing according to user-defined specifications.
  • Import/export bar codes and shipments.
  • Support for Adagio DataCare and the Toolkit for Adagio.

Integrates with Adagio Order Entry, Inventory and Receivables. Adagio DataCare and the Toolkit for Adagio are both supported.