Database connectivity software to allow management of transferred data.  

Adagio Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is a database connectivity standard supported by virtually every reporting and programming environment that runs on a Microsoft Windows platform. Adagio ODBC (and Adagio ODBC-RW) supports this standard to allow easy integration of your accounting data into other applications. ODBC may be used with any application that supports VBA, including all of Microsoft's applications such as Outlook, Excel, Word and Access. Microsoft Office applications have wizards that will assist you in connecting to the data. ODBC may be used within any programming language that supports ODBC connectivity, like Delphi, Microsoft's Visual Studio, HTML and Java Script.

(Adagio ODBC is Softrak's implementation of ODBC as it relates to the Adagio database. If you're not familiar with ODBC, you probably do not want to download Adagio ODBC.)

Adagio ODBC makes a read only connection with Adagio data sources. Samples of connections with various other products are included in the download. Adagio ODBC-RW is available as an add-on to the base ODBC layer to enable read-write access to the data. No data validation is performed when write functions are called, so only experienced consultants should use the write functions.

Adagio ODBC does work with Crystal Reports. However, Crystal Reports for Adagio uses a customized, high-speed link to the Adagio data that will generally result in faster performance. 


  • Provides industry standard ODBC connectivity to Adagio Accounting data.
  • Data Dictionary Exporter Tool describes all available tables and data elements.
  • Samples for connecting with common applications. 
  • Security available to restrict table access by user. 
  • Read-Only and Read-Write versions.