Eliminates paper cheques while maintaining a reliable paperless system.

Telpay will make your payables work life easier by allowing you to spend less time and resources printing, signing, assembling and processing cheques. Never again will you need to go back to the office just to sign a cheque, or spend hours reconciling balances. Nor will you ever need to rush to the bank only to find it closed.

Replace your cheque processing and simplify your payment needs with Telpay for Business software.  This streamlines your accounts payables process by integrating with your existing accounting or payroll system. With Telpay for Business, you’ll never need to write or reconcile another cheque. In fact, electronic payments cost less than a postage stamp. 


  • Capable of payroll direct deposits and direct payment to suppliers.
  • Efficiently make 100% of your domestic and international payments electronically.
  • Seamless integration lets you choose to export payment details from Adagio Payables to TelPay for Business software, or from TelPay to Adagio—you choose whatever works best for you.
  • Ability to add, modify and view billers.
  • Performs government remittances and pre-authorized debits.
  • Efficient solution with bank reconciliation and money on postage, envelopes, wire transfers, and never having to write a paper cheque again.