Adagio Accounting is used by small businesses in a variety of industries. We serve clients in a broad range of sectors. Listed are several strategic industries where Adagio has a strong track record of success. These industries have a few things in common. Their financial reports combine multiple departments and often multiple business entities. Many need to conform to report formats or requirements that are mandated by government or industry regulators. These requirements also tend to change every 6 to 12 months. These strategic industries also value business processes and audit controls. There is a Controller and other fulltime personnel in the department. Some of these industries manage large inventories of goods, and require accurate costing. These industries are of strategic importance to Softrak.


Companies in the Distribution industry need the ability to purchase inventory at the optimal price, and ensure that the goods are sold with the correct margin, markup or set price. Goods may be purchased in multiple currencies.


Not For Profit organizations such as Community Living Societies, agencies for family and social services and churches use Adagio. Not For Profits receive funding and donations from many sources.


First Nations often have a group of businesses, such as a healthcare clinic, a school, social services, housing, and a general store, that all need accounting software. These business may have a common Controller or CFO.



Construction companies and their suppliers manage many complex jobs that all have different schedules, budgets, teams of workers, and equipment. They need to monitor the budget, revenue, expenses and profitability.


Companies that sell services require systems to assist with the tracking of time and resources. Softrak offers a solution set that enables services businesses to track and manage time, billing, reporting and payroll.


For accountants and bookkeepers in public practice, Adagio Accounting provides a valuable alternative to Quickbooks and Sage 50. It is ideal for accountancies with clients that are Not For Profits or First Nations.