Adagio Inventory

A core of “Small-Business ERP” is Adagio Inventory—tracking your supplies with ease and efficiency.

Setup and maintenance for Adagio Inventory helps you manage your stock with ease. Tools like the Grid Editor—which allows customization of screens, field selection, title, size and column position—let each user tailor Adagio Inventory's use to their specific task in the organization, from warehouse to order desk. Also, your price list can be automatically updated based on sale price or standard cost, by percentage, amount, markup or margin. You can add items on the fly while entering receipts and shipments.

Transaction entry and posting is a complete multi-location stock management and control system that  tracks purchases, receipts, shipments, returns and adjustments. Its Windows interface, with drag and drop, cut and paste, batch, check and detail grids and multi-select print and post, make managing your inventory smooth and effortless.

Reports and inquiries are handled well in Inventory, where it ships with 35 pre-designed, editable reports including stock control, and price/sales analysis reports, with multiple options for sorting. Pull up item statistics and sales data by period in seconds.


  • 16 character part number, with user-defined segmentation (maximum 4 segments), allows powerful reporting.
  • Moving average, FIFO, LIFO, standard and user-specified costing.
  • Bill of Materials and Item Assembly features for manufacturing companies.
  • Five markup/discount levels by customer type or quantity purchased with date sensitive special pricing by customer.
  • Alternate price lists and part numbers.
  • Menu level security by Group or User.
  • Detailed inventory movement log with 13 period sales history and selective history purge.
  • IC-Edit Item
  • IC-Receipt Header
  • IC-Receipt Details