Adagio BoM

Manage your production orders with ease and simplicity.

The Adagio Bill Of Materials (BOM) add-on enables features in Adagio Inventory and Adagio OrderEntry: such as assemble to a different location; unbuild Master Items; import BOM; and auto-assemble Master Items at Dayend.

Your production orders require precise details of execution, from when the order is placed to when they are shipped out the door. So, allow Adagio BOM to manage all those steps.


  • Assemble items from component items in different, multiple locations.
  • Automatically assemble from importing shipments from Adagio Invoices, and Dayend in Adagio OrderEntry.
  • Unbuild a master item into the component items.
  • Set a Default location for a component item in a BOM, where we added an option for 'Use component default location?'.
  • Define additional cost-per-build quantity with 4 decimals; Adagio Inventory without BOM only allows 2 decimals.
  • On the Master Item, you can set BOM options: 
  1. You can choose whether or not the Master item is auto assembled Invoiced in Adagio Inventory.
  2. Choose to 'Build quantity shipped'; the quantity on the Invoice or enough to fill the quantity.
  3. Set a BOM for the Auto build (there could be many different BOMs for the same master item).