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If your company uses QuickBooks or Sage50, it is most likely that you produce all of your financial statements in Excel. And problems occur. Problems that result in inaccurate and reputation-damaging financials. An incorrect financial statement can lead to decisions that are wrong for the business. Correction of these errors is also a costly and time-consuming endeavor.


This doesn’t happen to companies that use Adagio Accounting. The financial reports are generated right in Adagio Accounting. There is no need to generate financial statements in Excel. Adagio’s Financial Reporter has the power to present information in any format or style you desire. Adagio can produce true departmental reports, and even combined, multi-entity reports. 

Adagio allows you to see which accounts are debited and which are credited, before the transaction is posted. It doesn’t try to hide the accounting. Being a batch-based system, it provides the opportunity for error correction before the transaction is actually posted. Unlike QuickBooks and Sage50, you can post to any period in the fiscal year.