• 10 Features Your Accounting Software Should Have

    BLOG_STS_10 Features Your Accounting Software should have
    by Admin Admin | Jun 02, 2020


    A growth-oriented business needs accounting software that can manage vast volumes of data, organizational complexity, and multiple users. If your organization wants to grow and evolve, you should consider the following features.

    Multi-Faceted Reporting:

    Accounting software such as Adagio Accounting with multi-dimensional reporting helps you to simplify and streamline your accounting process. Our Software can manage the high-volume transactions seen in mid-market organizations while giving you enhanced and secure access reporting capabilities.

    BLOG_STS_10 Features Your Accounting Software should have

    Multi-Dimensional Records:

    Multi-dimensional reporting provides an opportunity to create customized reports from which you can drill down to find the required information, thereby getting meaningful insights at the click of the mouse. Expenses per department or location revenue per item from a particular customer, income per project, budgets, financial statements and more provide managers, board members, executives, and finance professionals with insightful data.


    Dashboards provide a real-time view of an organization's financial performance at a glance, providing timely and useful data like statistics, financial information, charts, KPIs and analytics, graphs, reports, all with hierarchical capabilities. Such real-time information helps your team make strategic business decisions based on the latest data. Information at your fingertips with Adagio Accounting addresses issues and immediately act on opportunities.

    Multi-Tenant, Cloud-Based Environment:

    Accessibility is the key to your accounting system, so that you can stay connected to the latest financial data from virtually anywhere, anytime. The solution you choose should provide regular and automatic upgrades to give consistent enhancements and fix known issues. At the same time doesn't plague your organization with unproductive downtime. Adagio Cloud is a multi-tenant software solution that is feature-rich and affordable. Look for the software solution with robust features like Adagio Accounting  with continuous data backups, essential security features, and a disaster recovery plan.

    Integration Capabilities::

    Information flowing out of your accounting system efficiently ensures data integrity, saves time, and provides the scpope to analyze your business activity in real-time. Look for a software that has a standard set of CSV or MS Excel-based tools and templates make the task simple. Automated or live integrations can be provided by various sets of tools and processes, eliminating the chances of human error from duplicate data entry. There is a better and hassle-free way of exporting information instead of cumbersome, disparate exports to Excel.


    When a business has multiple locations, entities, currencies, things can get complicated. The right type of accounting software makes analyzing financials and collecting data less complicated with the help of reporting and dimensional tagging. Make sure you set your sights on solutions to accommodate and capture information from different entities and locations, all from one place. Also, look for solutions that can record and report transactions in multiple currencies.

    User Friendliness:

    Intuitive software makes tasks easier to accomplish. How easy is it to access reports or manage entries and review your work?   How does the interface of the tools designed look throughout the entire software; is it easy for training and collaborating? The user interface of Adagio Accounting is the core when it comes to training users to be proficient. Not every user has a vast technical knowledge, and if a software interface is not easy to understand, the user becomes disengaged and ineffective.


    Businesses grow, and as they evolve over the years, the accounting software should have the scale-ability and capability needed to meet the changing and growing demands of the industry. Adagio’s modular system allows you to implement the tools to help your business adapt to growth – in an affordable way.

    Graphical Interface:

    Reports consisting of long lists of numbers are challenging to interpret. Having the ability to translate data into graphical interpretation in the form of pie charts, bar charts, and other illustration formats are very helpful in communicating the current scenario.

    Cost Predictions:

    Reports are crucial for identifying trends, but a system that can interpret data, produce forecasts, and make statistical analyses can help you make decisions based on facts rather than guesswork. Look for applications with have multiple budgeting capabilities, flexible year-end processes, analytical reporting tools, and efficient controls for managing users.


    These are some of the robust and innovative features critical for any accounting department to keep “checks and balances” and be more agile.  Adagio Accounting is an accounting software solution where the possibilities are endless.