• CIO Review Names Softrak Most Promising ERP Provider of 2015

    by Andrew Bates | Jul 14, 2015

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    Softrak was just recognized by CIO Review as one of 2015’s Most Promising ERP Solution Providers. CIO Review has online and print publications read by an estimated 140,000 CIOs and IT executives every month. In its July 2015 edition, CIOReview acknowledges that Adagio Accounting provides ERP that is priced and packaged for the small business marketplace. 

    Enterprise Resource Planning for a small company that assembles and distributes goods is very different from an enterprise ERP solution used by a large manufacturer. Further to this, the term ERP can cover such a broad spectrum of functionality that buyers are often confused by the acronym. These days, ERP usually connotes a solution with inventory management and order processing, in addition to the core accounting. 

    Some companies that sell (professional) services use ERP solutions. The enterprise resources they manage are their people rather than manufactured goods. Therefore, the payroll and time billing becomes the focus of their ERP world. Again, ERP covers a broad spectrum of functionality and price-points.

    At Softrak, we have been focused on the small business market, and have developed software that provides best-in-class financial reporting and audit controls. We are very pleased to be recognized by this highly regarded publication. It is validating to see Adagio recognized as providing ERP leadership for the small business marketplace. 

    Read the full article to find out why Softrak was recognized by CIO Review as one of 2015’s Most Promising ERP Solution Providers.