Captures and stores different types of information that translates to an efficient system.

The SoftCay SmartRecords for Adagio is a user-configurable database and electronic filing system that helps you regain order and control of your information, to ensure consistency while improving the way you serve your clients.

Use SmartRecords to store, track and retrieve any document, data file, report, listing, specification file, or record within your company’s data.

Record types can be set-up corresponding to master files in various Adagio modules, such as Vendors from Adagio Payables; Customers from Adagio Receivables and Jobs from Adagio Job Cost.

No expert programming required. Users can easily set-up new data fields and document types. As information needs change, SmartRecords can easily be tailored to meet these needs.


  • Search function quickly locates any information or document.
  • Automatic document versioning retains history as users modify documents.
  • Compliance management ensures company policies are enforced by reporting on missing documents or incomplete information.
  • Security and access controls protect data and privacy.
  • Users can easily set-up new data fields and document types, no programming required.
  • Data can be refreshed at any time as information changes within Adagio.


  • EP-Profile Setup
  • EP-View PDFs