Balancing security and convenience

Single sign-on is a specialized application that eliminates the unnecessary and onerous process of tracking each web application that your employee uses. ArcIDManager allows your employees to keep track and enable access to all their essential apps through a single set of credentials.

Maximize efficiency and security for your employees and resources by deploying SSO in the cloud and future-proof your business for tomorrow’s requirements.

Supporting past and present versions of identity standards like SAML and OAuth, the security is air-tight, and the seamless integration with user directories and authentication sources allows users to access all applications they use from any device.




One, Unique, True SSO

Simply Login with the unique Single Sign-On credentials and access all other corporate applications on the go.

Social Login

Social Login us a unique feature which allows users to log into their social media accounts with their SSO portal. You can enable, or disable this feature.

Drag and Drop Profiling

Create user profiles in a snap with our easy and simple interface. Simple drag and drop the applications and websites the employees need access to, and create unique, secure credentials in no time.

Multi Logins

Log into multiple accounts on the same application/websites simultaneously with a single click.

Shared Logins

Certain application won't allow users to Login with the same credentials simultaneously. In that case, share access to multiple users through Single Sign-On without giving them the actual credentials.

DIY Password Management

End users can reset their passwords safely and securely, and edit their profiles in the Active Directory- all without IT desk support.


A Peek into Perfection

A few snaps of the product interface for you to look into your Cloud SSO.

single-sign-on-3 single-sign-on-4 single-sign-on-2 single-sign-on-1