Seals Unlimited tells Plus Users that Adagio is the only way to go

Seals Unlimited Inc is the premier supplier of rubber seal parts used in hydroelectric dam gates. They manufacture everything from small gaskets to large rubber seals, to meet the needs of governments and private industries throughout North America and abroad.

Seals Unlimited wanted to move to a Windows platform from ACCPAC Plus for DOS. After Accpac for Windows (aka Sage Accpac ERP) failed to fulfill its promised "logical and natural upgrade," Trudi Orr was almost at wit's end. When you ask her about the staff's reaction to the adjustment she'll tell you, "It was a disaster, to put it mildly. If we kept it, everyone might have quit!"

A friend told Trudi about Adagio by Softrak, which she recommended to her company president. She loved Adagio's speed of installation. "If it' s important to convert with no downtime, Adagio is as close as you're going to get. In half a day we had Adagio up and running, our reports formatted, and the checks ready with MICR encoding."

If you ask Trudi about how much training is involved, her response is, "What training? If you've used DOS, it's the same stuff with a slight adjustment curve." And to make Adagio that much sweeter of an offer is its price. "Adagio cost significantly less money," she says.

Seals Unlimited Inc uses Adagio for everything it does: purchase orders, invoicing, managing inventory, and more. Adagio OrderEntry is constantly open for work orders for the shop, packing lists for shipping, invoices for customers, and records for client services.

Trudi's favorite features include the MICR encoding that comes with Adagio Checks and the flexibility of Adagio's Financial Reporter. "If anyone wants to go from Plus, this is the way to go," she concludes. "It's not even a question. I don't know why anyone would go anywhere else!"

Trudi is so enthusiastic about Adagio that she's volunteered to speak to anyone thinking about moving from their current accounting software. Email Softrak at to ask for her email via the Softrak Relationship Marketing Team.

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"I don't know why anyone would go anywhere else!" Trudi Orr, Seals Unlimited Inc.

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