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Welcome participants and readers of the

2018 Canadian Accounting and Bookkeeping Firm Operations and Technology Survey

Thank you for your interest in Adagio Accounting.
You may have already seen Adagio demonstrated at the Alan Salmon Accounting Technology Seminar in your city. Adagio Accounting is ERP software for small business. It provides financial reporting, inventory management and operational capabilities that are more advanced than those found in the entry level products. Adagio is developed in Vancouver, BC by Softrak Systems.
If you are an accountant or bookkeeper in public practice, and have clients that have reporting requirements that are beyond what your current accounting system is capable of, then you need to check out Adagio for Accountants. 

Adagio for Accountants

If you work in the finance and accounting office of a small business, government agency or First Nation organization, and are looking for an accounting system that is better aligned to your needs, we invite you to learn more about Adagio.

Adagio Ledger & Financial Reporter 

If you would like to see Adagio in action, we would be happy to arrange a demo.

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Thanks again for your interest!