20TH Annual Adagio Opportunity Conference

Thriving Together

Partner: May 24 - 28 |  Pre-Conference: May 25 |  Client: May 26 - 28

On behalf of the entire Softrak team, we cordially invite you to the 20th  annual Adagio Opportunity Conference hosted in Summerlin, Nevada, USA 

Our theme for AOC 2020 is Thriving Together. The accountant role is continuously changing. New regulations and technologies mean you are no longer responsible for just the debits and credits.  Data security, data management, deeper corporate analysis that result in meaningful corporate insight, process improvement and maximizing your investment in the tools you are using, are just some of what finance professionals are responsible for these days. Attending AOC 2020 will give you the knowledge and contacts you need to thrive within your organization on both a business and personal level. In a group-learning environment like AOC, we not only learn from an instructor - we learn from each other. This one-of-a-kind shared learning experience can be rewarding in unexpected ways.

Over the next few months, we will publish more information about the conference so make sure to sign up here to receive updates on AOC 2020.


Attending AOC 2020 is an excellent opportunity to find out more about the Adagio applications you use, and how to utilize new features designed to improve your department’s processes and tasks. You will hear strategies for meeting your company's business goals, developing best practices, and making the conceptual jump from just debits and credits to meaningful corporate insight. There's no better place to share new techniques and approaches, proven best practices, and exceptional technical skills with other Adagio users and experts.

Investing in Your People is Investing In Your Business

Are there business challenges that you and your co-workers struggle to resolve? Chances are that your peers at other organizations wrestle with these same issues. Through AOC 2020 educational sessions and networking opportunities, you will discover how other Adagio clients have successfully implemented changes to improve the business and fix those same issues 

If proficiency is important to the efficiency of your operations, you must attend the 20th Annual Adagio Opportunity Conference. Many Adagio clients have benefitted from this educational conference. AOC 2020 is a conference for anyone associated with Adagio Accounting in your organization – from the CFO to the “IT guy” to the AP Clerk. If you’re running Adagio Accounting in your business, then the Adagio Opportunity Conference should be an integral part of your ongoing investment in your business and staff.  


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