Andrew Bates, President

Softrak Systems


Andrew Bates has been involved with microcomputers since 1979. He is a founding partner and president of Softrak Systems Inc. In 1999, Softrak launched Adagio, a modular, batch-oriented accounting system designed specifically for the small- to medium-sized business.

Throughout his career, Andrew has given numerous presentations on small-business accounting to professional organizations.


Ward Blatch, CPA, CA

K2 Enterprises Canada

Ward Blatch is a consultant and training services associate with K2 Enterprises Canada. He writes and delivers professional development courses for CPA associations. Ward helps professionals at all levels understand the major trends as he explains how to utilize technology to meet organizational objectives, both efficiently and effectively. He will demystify the latest software, hardware and mobility platforms used in small- and medium-sized businesses.


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Jean-Guy Talbot, FCPA, FCGA

Founder & CEO RêveNew Practice Management /Talbot & Associates

Jean-Guy Talbot is passionate about coming alongside firms and companies of all sizes to help them flourish and succeed. People are quickly taken with the extensive knowledge and humor he brings to his consultation work, books and through speaking engagements across the country.

In 1983, Jean-Guy started his career in accounting working in public practice for Winnipeg firms as well as a few years in industry. He started Talbot & Associates (T&A) on a part-time basis in 1987 and grew his practice from a one-person operation to its current size of over 60 staff in seven locations across Manitoba.  Nationwide, colleagues and clients now refer to Jean-Guy as both a knowledgeable mentor and friend.  He has devoted a tremendous amount of research, time and energy to discover the secrets of running a better practice. He has personally implemented all he's learned and has determined which roads lead to a successful practice (and which do not).  He is motivated to share this knowledge with others - especially from the perspective of someone who is still in practice.  It was based on this perspective that he established RêveNew Practice Management, a unique and thriving consultation company.

In 2015 Jean-Guy led the building of a 7,0000 sq-ft training centre at T&A headquarters in Winnipeg.  In 2016, he received the title of Fellow CPA from CPA Manitoba for rendering exceptional services to the profession and for his achievements in his careers and community support.  Off hours, Jean-Guy can be found enjoying time outdoors with his wife Lise and three kids. 


Warren Flett

Softrak Systems


Warren Flett has been an employee of Softrak Systems since 1995, contributing to the educational training, technical support and quality assurance departments, since completing Bachelor of Science and Education degrees from the University of BC.


Steve Schwartz, CPA

Steven D. Schwartz & Associates


Steve Schwartz has been one of the top Adagio resellers for many years, and lives in a Philadelphia suburb. His firm, Steven D. Schwartz & Associates, began selling and supporting accounting software in 1986, and currently provides consulting services to approximately 200 active Adagio clients all over the US.


Dan Desautels

DezTek Solutions


Dan Desautels is an Adagio Consultant and Certified Reseller at DezTek Solutions, joining us from Thunder Bay Ontario. Throughout Dan’s career with Adagio, he has worked extensively with First Nations Organizations and has a great understanding and appreciation for the intricacies and complexities within the finance offices of this sector.


Sheldon Dueck

Sheldon Dueck is the training manager at Aboriginal Strategies L.P.  Sheldon has been working in an accounting and training role for over 10 years.  As an Adagio, PayDirt and Microsoft Certified Trainer, Sheldon strives to provide relevant and up to date hands on training to First Nation communities.  In keeping with Aboriginal Strategies’ goal of developing our First Nation clients fiscal independence, Sheldon continually looks for ways to improve the workflow for First Nation communities and businesses.


Lyndon Olfert, CPA, CGA, CAFM

Aboriginal Strategies L.P.


Lyndon Olfert, CPA, CGA, CAFM is president of Aboriginal Strategies L.P. Lyndon has been in the accounting field since 1991, has been working exclusively with First Nations since 1996 and has been working with Adagio since 2002. Lyndon has a keen interest in helping First Nations grow in knowledge, skills and financial independence and feels that Adagio can play a very important role in effectively managing First Nation finances. Adagio Financial Reporter is capable of quickly and efficiently providing reporting that can satisfy the needs of managers, leadership and funding agencies and is flexible enough to report on a wide variety of reporting entities. The key to success in Adagio is in the setup and implementation. Lyndon is eager to share his experience with you here at AOC 2018.


Marilyn Benninger, CPA, CGA

Marilyn Benninger is a professionally designated accountant with a 20 year passion for accounting software, the people who develop solutions and the customers who use their products. Her experience ranges from public speaking to strategic planning and includes marketing, sales and channel support. Marilyn has held senior leadership roles for both commercial and not-for-profit organizations; today she assists organizations to become successful by focusing on customer and revenue growth strategies.