Conference Speakers



Andrew Bates, President

Softrak Systems


Andrew Bates has been involved with microcomputers since 1979. He is a founding partner and president of Softrak Systems Inc. In 1999, Softrak launched Adagio, a modular, batch-oriented accounting system designed specifically for the small- to medium-sized business.

Throughout his career, Andrew has given numerous presentations on small-business accounting to professional organizations.


Ward Blatch, CPA, CITP

K2 Enterprises Canada


Ward Blatch is a consultant and training services associate with K2 Enterprises Canada. He writes and delivers professional development courses for CA, CMA, CGA and CPA associations. Ward helps professionals at all levels understand the major trends as he explains how to utilize technology to meet organizational objectives, both efficiently and effectively. He will demystify the latest software, hardware and mobility platforms used in small- and medium-sized businesses.


Alan Salmon, ASc, FCPB, PHF

K2E Canada Inc. 


Alan Salmon is recognized as Canada’s leading analyst in the area of accounting technology. He has over 27 years of business, management systems, education and journalism experience. As the Managing Director of K2E, he is responsible for the Canadian operations of this international consulting group, which provides professional development technology education for accountants across Canada and the US. He has a degree in Science and an Advanced Teaching Certificate from the University of Toronto. He has taught over 100 seminars a year to the CA, CGA and CMA associations in Canada. Alan has now retired from teaching and manages K2E Canada Inc. He has received many awards for teaching and service, including a Luca award from ICB-Global, a Paul Harris Fellowship, a Melvin Jones Fellowship, the Canadian Internet Award and a life membership in Junior Chamber International.