Adagio Accounting Software - by Softrak Systems Inc.

Adagio Accounting Software

Adagio accounting software is a series of professional accounting and business management tools specifically designed for small and medium size business and organizations with significant transaction volume.

This modular accounting system combines a batch interface that is easy to understand and control with online processing in order entry and inventory control.

Additionally, Adagio accounting software provides dynamite-looking invoices, checks, and statements on blank paper. All this without being forced to use a mouse during data entry or any of the other accounting procedures...

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What others are saying about Adagio

"I LOVE Adagio ! Why did you wait so long to get me on this?
I love the new Adagio accounting system recently installed for my company, Maid in New York. It streamlines accounting systems. It's simple and the processes are intuitive. The invoices and statements emailed to our clients exactly portray the high level of professionalism I want to convey to our clients. Plus it has streamlined the accounting procedures requiring much less labor than the old system we were using - something very valuable in this downsized economy. I'm sorry I didn't make the change sooner."

Bob Dellacona
Maid in New York

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